HCCG Draft Policy Paper – Federal Health System

February 15, 2015

This paper A Federal, Devolved Health System for Burma/Myanmar outlines HCCG member’s vision for a decentralised effective health system.

“This paper outlines key policy considerations for a decentralized, federal healthcare system with emphasis and analysis based on governance, financing and administrative dimensions. In doing so, three critical challenges are presented and policy options to address them are discussed: (1) the challenge of a highly centralized management of health system and the opportunity to decentralize it so that concerns at the state/region level are addressed with efficiency; (2) the challenge of inadequate budget and finance for healthcare and the need to grant state/region governments budgetary authority – their ability to seek funding, propose revenue options and decide on how and where the funds will be spent; and (3) the challenge of lack of incentives from the central government to address local needs and concerns, and the opportunity to develop local community commitments
especially in terms of empowerment of state/region and local authority in dealing with issues unique to their localities.”

English Version:

Download the PDF file .

Burmese Version:

Download the PDF file .

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