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Back Pack Health Workers Team was formed in 1998. Currently the BPHWT has 85 teams of 3-5 people who serve target populations of 2000-3000 per team. They operate in Karen, Karenni, Mon, Arakan, Chin, Kachin and Shan States, and the Tenasserim Division, in 586 villages. Their target population is 126,576. They have a health workforce of 858 people.

For More Information, please visit : http://www.backpackteam.org

Burma Medical Association was founded in 1991 by a group of health professionals from Burma. BMA is an independent non-profit organization made up of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. For the past 22 years BMA has been the leading body for health policy development and capacity building for the provision of quality health care services in ethnic areas of Burma. Their target population is 42,358 and their health workforce is 260.

For More Information, please visit : http://www.bmahealth.org

Karen Department of Health and Welfare has been providing health care in Karen State for over 30 years. During times of heavy conflict their health strategy has relied on mobile health clinics, however, recently they have been able to increase the number of fixed health clinics that they manage. They reach a target population of 96,005. They have a health workforce of 1,081.

For More Information, please visit : http://www.kdhw.org

Karenni Mobile Health Committee was formed in 1983. KnMHC delivers health services via mobile teams in Kayah State. They operate in 6 townships in Karenni state and reach 194 villages.  Their target population is 50,430. They have a health workforce of 178.

Mae Tao Clinic is a community-based organization operating along the Thai-Burma border. It was formed in February 1989 to provide primary health care for the displaced Burmese community who were affected by civil war and the desperate socio-economic situation in Burma. Initially, it was established to provide basic health services, but now it has expanded into being a comprehensive health service provider and training facility. MTC also responds to a variety of community needs including education, women’s empowerment, and child protection. In Burma, their work focuses on health service strengthening with the ethnic health organisations.

For More Information, please visit : http://www.mataoclinic.org

Mon National Health Committee was formed in 1992, Currently they operate 9 clinics and 23 village health facilities in 7 townships in Tenasserim Division and Mon and Karen State.  Their target population is 32,000. They have a health workforce of 127.

Shan State Development Foundation was formed in 2012 by merging two pre-existing organisations: the Shan Health Committee(established in 1997) and the Shan Education Committee (2008).  Their health programme currently operates 7 clinics and 5 mobile health teams in 3 townships in Shan State. They reach a target population of 6,353. They have 86 health workers.

For More Information, please visit : http://www.shandevelopment.org/