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The Health Convergence Core Group (HCCG)

Over the past decade, the government of Burma has spent less than 3% of its national budget annually on healthcare and as a result, the healthcare system is inadequate, particularly in rural areas.  In contrast, over the last twenty years, international aid agencies and donors have invested heavily and successfully in building the capacity and network of the community-based health system.

Spurred by ongoing peace negotiations in many ethnic areas of Burma health community-based organizations (CBOs) and ethnic health organizations (EHOs) have been working together to converge the extensive ethnic and community-based health system with the Burma government’s health system in order to provide better healthcare, access more of the population, improve health systems and policy, and gain government recognition of community-based health programs and workers.

To coordinate this process from the EHOs’/health CBOs’ perspective, the Health Convergence Core Group (HCCG) was formed in May 2012. The HCCG has eight EHO and health CBO member organizations:


  • Back Pack Health Worker Team (BPHWT)
  • Burma Medical Association (BMA)
  • Chin Public Affairs Committee (CPAC)
  • Karen Department of Health and Welfare (KDHW)
  • Karenni Mobile Health Committee (KnMHC)
  • Mae Tao Clinic (MTC)
  • Mon National Health Committee (MNHC)
  • National Health and Education Committee (NHEC)
  • Shan Health Committee (SHC)

HCCG MOdel for Health Convergence in Burma:

Download the PDF file .

HCCG Draft Policy Paper for a Federal Burma